Véronique Lacaze is an interior architect with a degree from the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs School of Paris. She began her career at Printemps Department Stores, where one thing led to another, before she then became project manager responsable for the Christmas window decorations. She then moved on to designing the Printemps mascots, the famous characters of the Boulevard Haussmann which, at the end of each year, make the young and old dream alike. This is a magical experience for her. Creating characters for children and seeing them come to life in the shop windows... Véronique Lacaze has the impression to be a real Geppetto!

In 2001, she left Le Printemps to fully devote herself to her job as an interior designer. But in 2015, Le Printemps contacted her for their 150th anniversary. She then created for them, as well as for many other luxury brands, the window characters and monumental figures that hung from the building's facade.

Fascinated by this universe full of magic, dreams, and imagination, Véronique Lacaze imagined in 2019 a world of endearing and comforting teddy bears with unusual personalities. ADADA was born.

Véronique Lacaze is the mother of two children, aged 12 and 13. Inspired by the works of Donald Winnicott, she gave both her children, who were still babies at the time, a prototype teddy bear made as part of her early creations at Printemps. Today, these two teddies, witnesses of her children's sorrows and joys, remain the essential elements in the bedroom and still accompany them during their sleep.