The ADADA cuddly toy workshop is located in Brittany. A handful of passionate seamstresses, with the help of their community, have bought back the machinery from their former workshop, which had filed for bankruptcy. Their will to resist, to exist and to assert the importance of handcrafted work has enabled this company to see the light of day, to the enormous pride of its teams. Today, the workshop produces for luxury brands concerned about the environment, quality manufacturing and meticulous traditional know-how. 

For ADADA, the quality of the fabrics used is just as important as the design of the characters. The cuddly toy is an object that the child will keep and carry for a very long time, therefore it must be of very good quality.The embroidery fabrics and threads are woven, spun and dyed in France. They are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. The cuddly toys can be sniffed, nibbled on and cuddled without any danger for the little ones. 

All our cuddly toys are conform to the standards EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-3.

For their creator, Véronique Lacaze, the choice of proximity is an ethical and responsible choice: "Working and communicating with those who produce reassures me... I like things to remain on a human and intimate scale ».