Arthus, the fox


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Colors: Tobacco

Arthus is from Brittany. He loves his land, in which every day he digs around in the green countryside, exploring right the way down to the often-choppy sea.We can see him running from one place to another, constantly on the look-out, stopping, then leaving...

Arthus has always searched, he searches without ever stopping, and in the evening, tired from his quest, sits down in front of the sea, which he adores and which revitalises him. Arthus doesn’t really know what he is looking for, but he tells himself that if he doesn’t look then he will never find. This obstinate roaming however, allows him to discover fantastically wild landscapes, meet other animals, not necessarily of his kind, but very friendly nevertheless. 

Whilst he was crossing a rich meadow, his run was disturbed by the sight of a child walking along a path eating a delicious pancake. He couldn’t help but approach. The child was so happy about Arthus’ visit that he shared his pancake with him. For the first time, Arthus felt peace. He no longer had the feeling that he needed to search. He had found a child friend.

Height: 45 - 48 cm

Arthus is entirely made in France.

His jersey fabric is very soft. It is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It is knitted in France and OEKO TEX 100 certified. This means that Arthur can be suckled and cuddled without any danger to toddlers.

This teddy complies with the EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-3 standards.

The face and paws are hand embroidered. The threads are 100% cotton. They are spun in France and also certified OEKO-TEX 100.

The padding is in polyester.

Our cuddly toys can be washed by hand or machine. Be careful, they don't like hot water and hate tumble dryers which could damage them.

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100% French

ADADA is a mark of quality and ethical manufacturing. The plush toys are made entirely in France, in a workshop situated in Brittany. They are carefully embroidered and hand sewn by passionate craftswomen applying a meticulous and traditional know-how. The design of the cuddly toys is simple and minimalist, yet also complex and sophisticated. The plush toys, made with more than 25 pieces sewn together, have almost human expressions and attitudes which creates a bond with the child. The embroidery sketches the paws and brings the faces to life. They are precise in their dimensions and meticulously positioned in which to create the desired expression. And because they are handmade, each soft toy is unique. The cuddly toys are made of a unique material, always soft, so that the child wants to touch it and that it brings them constant well-being. Our embroidery and fabric threads are knitted and dyed in France. They are OEKO-TEX100 certified.

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